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Missouri Breweries / Beer Bottling companies

Hannibal, MO antique beer bottles

City Brewery

Joplin, MO antique beer bottles

Middle West Brewing Company

Kansas City, MO antique beer bottles

Bavarian Brewing Company

Valentine Blatz Brewing Company

Valentine Blatz Milwaukee Lager Beer

Valentine Blatz's Milwaukee Lager Beer

Bremer & Thoma Weiss Beer Brewery

Dick & Brothers Beer

Dick Brothers Pilsner

Heim's Brewing Company

Heim The Kansas City Breweries Company

Ferd Heim Brewing Company

J. W. Hutty Weiss Beer

Iler & Burgweger Rochester Brewery

J. D. Iler Brewing Company

J. D. Iler Rochester Brewery

Imperial Brewing Company

Imperial The Kansas City Breweries Company

The Kansas City Breweries Company

Lion Brewing & Bottling Company

George Muehlebach Brewing Company

Rochester Brewery

Rochester The Kansas City Breweries Company

Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

Spengler Brothers Milwaukie & Cincinnati Lager Beer

The Syndicate Beer Bottling Company

Leo Thoma Weiss Beer

Lexington, MO antique beer bottles

Lexington Brewing Company

St. Joseph, MO antique beer bottles

M. K. Goetz Brewing Company

St. Joseph Brewing Company

St. Louis, MO antique beer bottles


The American Brewing Company

American Weiss Beer Brewery

American Weiss Beer Company

Anheuser Busch Brewing Association

E. Anheuser Company Brewing Association

Berliner Imported Weiss Beer Company

Columbia Weiss Beer Brewery

Cooper and Conger St. Louis Ale Brewery

Dr. J. Cornwall National Beer

Falstaff Brewing Corporation

The Faust Beer

Great Western Weiss Beer Brewery

Anton Griesedieck Brewing Company

Hannemann's Berliner Weiss Bier

Klausmann Brewery

Klausmann Brewery Company

Ernst A. Koenig Brewing Company

William J. Lemp Brewing Company

Lemps St. Louis Lager Beer

Missouri Weiss Beer Brewing Company

National Brewery Company

National Bridge White Beer Brewery

Natural Bridge White Beer Brewery

C. Pauly & Company Withe Beer

Pilsner Weiss Beer Brewery Company

Pittsburgh Brewery Lager Beer

Praemium Weiss Bier Braeurei

F. Raacke's White Beer

H. Rooke Praemium Weiss Bier Brewery

Schroeder's Berliner Weiss Bier Company

Stettner & Thoma Premium Weiss Bier Brewery

St. Louis Weis Bier Brauerei

St. Louis Weiss - Beer Brewing Company

Weiss Beer

Wittemann - Rost Brewing Company

Sedalia, MO antique beer bottles

Moerschel Brewing Company

Weston, MO antique beer bottles

Royal Brewing Company